Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3rd Blogiversary - Method Giveaway

First, you saw my five quick tips for cleaning. There is really a sixth tip - we must discuss cleaning products to help make the quick cleaning tips easier. I am OBSESSED with the Method line of cleaning products. They are environmentally friendly and don't use any harsh chemicals, which is perfect for this momma-to-be and the baby in my tummy. I can still clean the whole house without me and my unborn child being subjected to harmful fumes and chemicals. Here is my arsenal:

I actually own more of their products, but these were just the few that I could wrangle together this morning for a photo op. Of all their products, there are really just 4 that I use on a daily basis:

1. Method All Purpose Spray in french lavender scent: This spray does it all, and there is really no need to even buy their Glass Cleaner or Shower spray (hidden in the back of the photo) when this can literally cover all surfaces. It is also the only product that I have found that is all natural and cuts grease stains on my white stove top like nobody's business. Trust me. I may be a good cook, but I can get pretty sloppy.

2. Method Squirt and Mop Almond Oil for hardwood floors: Since we have hardwood floors throughout our (old) house - sniff, sniff - I have used the Swiffer to clean up sand, dirt, and dust, but the Method Squirt and Mop almont oil, used in conjunction with their mop and REUSABLE cleaning pad (they are green products, remember), it picks up all of this AND provides a beautiful shine AND delicious scent to the whole house.

3. Method Le Scrub in eucalyptus mint scent: Want a cleaner that will get your tub, sinks, and toilet pearly white without bleach? This is the product for you. Goes on like those other bleach products, but you need to do half the scrub work. And the container even has a place for you to leave your sponge for the next use.

4. Method All Purpose Anti-Bacterial Wipes in cucumber lime scent: I have one of these under the sink in my bathroom and one under the sink in the kitchen. They can be used for A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. I will share below how I use them in my cleaning tips, but they are so much better than other disinfectant wipes because they work better, smell better, and are not harmful. Some of these will probably live in the baby room once we get that together too.

Other products that I love by them are the anti-bacterial bathroom cleaner, stainless steel cleaner (perfect for our grill outside), and dish soap. And the best part about the Method line? You can purchase all the products I mentioned above online or at my mecca.... Target.

And today's giveaway is FOUR Method products of your choice! Go here to pick them out, and enter using the rules below:

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I was not asked or compensated by Method for this review of their products- they just make my life easier and I wanted others to try them for themselves!


  1. Wow, you love method so much you're giving away their products for free? That's amazing. P.s. I think your pinterest link is broken :) Cheers.

  2. Just the motivation I need to start Spring cleaning, but I'll wait and see if I win first!